Thursday, 19 April 2012

Table: After Photos

Click link to see 'Before' and 'During' photos

'Plan A' was to restore this table to it's former (wood veneer) glory.. but alas, when I stripped the paint, I discovered the veneer had been damaged quite badly. So, I painted it with Resene Alabaster (Lustacryl Low Sheen). Then, the rest of 'Plan B' was to find some patterned paper to cover the drawers. I hunted for a suitable paper... but nothing seemed right. *Eureka!* I had no plans with that ink drawing from a few weeks back: problem solved!

It's always fiddly to glue this kind of thing, especially when the handles are not removable. I cut the paper over size, cut holes with darts for the handles, and stuck the paper with PVA. Once it was adhered, I trimmed the edges with a sharp blade and coated it with Estapol Clear (waterborne). 

The most difficult thing, by far, was having the patience to mask the black and white areas of the handles. Lots of huffing and sighing happened during that part. Thankfully, Em's pin-striping masking tape saved the day.