Thursday, 19 April 2012

Building Benches

BEFORE - 4th October 2011
AFTER - 14th April 2012

AFTER - 14th April 2012
For most of Easter weekend we were making benches and storage either side of our sink unit in the studio.
The big drawer (right) pulls all the way out so it can be used as a tray to transport art supplies. The panel that covers the hot water cylinder is attached with split battens as we won't have to access it much, and  it was a small way to save on hardware. Our two handles are up-cycled parts from old locks... another hardware saving. 
It took us a-stupid-amount-of-time to suss out exactly how to fit the cupboard hinges, so when we fitted them perfectly the first time I was chuffed!
We used diluted black paint to stain the bench top and sealed it with a couple of clear coats. The finish is exactly what we hoped we'd achieve.

The left side is yet to be completed. We're going to do another small drawer at the top, and we'll make a box on wheels to fit into the cavity below.

Splash-back and above bench storage/shelving also still to be done.

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