Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Sunday, 29 July 2012


Our talented crew of twelve team mates from the Museum are currently exhibited at David Lloyd's Gallery (see details below).

This is the piece I'm showing...

Bloodlines Diptych - Drypoint on canvas/Mixed media - Steph Chalmers - 2012

I worked from a stunning portrait of my paternal grandmother to create this diptych. I haven't managed to capture her, but somehow that becomes part of the work. She's always been an enigma to me.
In the drypoint (left) her face looks off kilter as it's a mirror-image.
The red piece is a pin and thread drawing, and even though it's abstracted, it looks more like her.
There must be more of a resemblance between us than I thought because many people at the exhibition opening assumed that it was a self-portrait.

Bloodlines Diptych - Steph Chalmers - 2012
Exhibition Details