Friday, 15 June 2012

Very Early Work

I have a memory of painting a kiwi on brown paper at kindy. I remember standing back and looking at the finished painting with the teacher, and her asking, "tell me about what you have painted?" and I thought, "what do you mean, can't you see that it's a kiwi?"

I did the painting below at age three. Clearly a tree, a kiwi and Santa... thanks to the labelling by a helpful adult.

Tree Kiwi Santa - Steph Chalmers - Aged 3 - c.1982
Mum held on to a good collection of my early work. There are quite a few kiwi.
Here's one tidy specimen sniffing a tree:

The Kiwi is Sniffing the Tree - Steph Chalmers - Aged 3 - c.1982
There are so many gems on newsprint in the box of artwork that Mum kept for me - I could post one a week for several years. Thanks Mum.

Studio Progress

Intaglio Printmaking Press - made by my uncle Martin
We had expert help to help move our press into the studio - thanks so much Marty.

We're still building and organising storage. Emily's framing moulding will soon be off the floor and safely housed in an upright store infront of the small wall on the left side.

Studio in progress - June 2012