Friday, 15 June 2012

Very Early Work

I have a memory of painting a kiwi on brown paper at kindy. I remember standing back and looking at the finished painting with the teacher, and her asking, "tell me about what you have painted?" and I thought, "what do you mean, can't you see that it's a kiwi?"

I did the painting below at age three. Clearly a tree, a kiwi and Santa... thanks to the labelling by a helpful adult.

Tree Kiwi Santa - Steph Chalmers - Aged 3 - c.1982
Mum held on to a good collection of my early work. There are quite a few kiwi.
Here's one tidy specimen sniffing a tree:

The Kiwi is Sniffing the Tree - Steph Chalmers - Aged 3 - c.1982
There are so many gems on newsprint in the box of artwork that Mum kept for me - I could post one a week for several years. Thanks Mum.

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  1. omg best post ever!!! You were so very good at kiwis! And I love the caption "the kiwi is sniffing the tree" ha ha ha awesome!! So great that your mum kept so much stuff for you. These days a lot of people are opting for the 'scan the artwork, print them as a book, chuck the original' method, but I don't think that is nearly as good.