Friday, 7 September 2012

Table and Mirror: After Photos

It must be spring...


  1. looks great! I was just telling a friend today that I knew the PERFECT couple for the next series of the Block!! YOU AND EM! Apart from the fact you'd both hate cameras in your would be perfect ha ha ha.

    1. Yeah, we've often thought that we'd make a good team on a show like that... *sigh*... if only we were camera-confident extroverts.
      Actually, Emily could probably win all the challenges on her own! Making food, arranging flowers, building a dog house - just the ones I can recall. Oh yeah, she's short... so she would've needed me for the plumbing one!

  2. just saw your table over on Design Sponge and had to tell you how utterly lovely it is. the refinishing job alone would have been impressive, but your artwork really pushes it over the top. kudos!